Special Needs Planning


If you have a child with special needs, you understand the legal complexities associated with their care. From acquiring and maintaining a durable power of attorney to the distribution of your assets, the Estate Planning and Probate Group at Sessions, Fishman, Nathan, & Israel, L.L.C., in New Orleans, LA can help you manage your special needs plans.

Our Special Needs Planning Attorneys

The experienced special needs attorneys at our firm are committed to providing each client with superior services, in-depth knowledge, and the utmost respect for their specific circumstances and needs. We understand the challenges you face, and we take pride in our involvement with local and state organizations designed to provide special protections for those with special needs and disabilities, including:

  • The Special Needs Alliance: Our senior partner, Carole Cukell Neff, is the only member of this prestigious association from the greater New Orleans area
  • Louisiana Law Institute’s Committee for Disabled Adult Children
  • The Academy of Special Needs Planners

We’re not just attorneys. We’re advocates for the rights of children and adults with special needs, and we can help you navigate the legal system to ensure the best interest of your child.

Establishing a Special Needs Trust

Unfortunately, bequeathing a financial gift to a loved one is not as easy as simply naming them in your trust or will. Many individuals with special needs rely upon government assistance and public benefit programs, such as Medicaid and Social Security Supplementary Income (SSI), for their necessities. While your generous gift may be helpful and appreciated, it may also disqualify your loved ones from receiving much-needed benefits.

If you plan to leave a financial inheritance to a loved one with special needs, we can help you establish a special needs trust. The government recognizes these specialized arrangements as a means to supplement the individual’s current income, not replace it. As such, they may use the funds they receive from you to take part in enjoyable experiences and make special purchases their basic income does not allow.

If you or a loved one has been in a serious accident and are entitled to financial compensation, you may need a special needs trust to preserve your right to governmental benefits. Our attorneys are well equipped to handle such trusts to protect you and your family.

The attorneys at Sessions, Fishman, Nathan, & Israel combine their distinctive qualifications with an individualized approach to offer personal services and help clients with their diverse special needs planning goals. Call us today at 504-582-1500 to schedule your consultation.

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