Interdiction Attorneys

In Louisiana, an Interdiction is the legal proceeding by which an adult is declared by the court to be incompetent and another person is appointed to manage personal and financial matters for the person who is interdicted. Louisiana law provides for full interdictions and limited interdictions. It also provides for interdictions over the person and interdictions over the property. In other states, the terms used for these legal functions are guardianship and conservatorship.If you are seeking legal guidance for an issue relating to interdiction or incapacity in Louisiana, Sessions’ Estate Planning and Probate Group is here for you. We have been handling critical estate planning matters for clients in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana since 1958.

Interdicts and Curators

In an interdiction, the incapacitated person is known as the Interdict, while the person who is appointed by the court to act on the Interdict’s behalf is known as the curator. Curators are typically family members, close friends or trusted representatives of the Interdict.Once the interdiction is established, the Curator takes control of a broad range of matters for the Interdict, which often include:

  • Establishing and maintaining his or her residence;
  • Managing his or her bank accounts and investments;
  • Paying his or her rent, bills and other expenses; and
  • Consenting to his or her medical treatment.

Interdiction is a complex, time-consuming process, although the process can be made less burdensome when the incapacitated individual had the foresight to execute valid Powers of Attorney or other documents that set these plans in place before incapacity sets in.

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